Restless Swords Inc.

We provide GAME products for various platforms.


1) Memory Lost-Pairs™

A Video Game that tests and improves your memory. on various platforms,
including: AppStore® iPhone® and Steam™ Windows®

2) Fox Goes Hunting™

A new and different Video Game on various platforms, including Steam™ Windows®

3) SL-Alerts™

Show you the login status of chosen SecondLife Avatars.

4) Second Life™

Hundreds of animated animals, target systems, dancers and pets, Google" calendar, etc. on Second Life

  • 10 years ago we designed and implemented various dynamic target systems with selectable difficulty levels
    • Personal-Practice single target that appears in random positions and moves
    • Tournament system with multiple types of targets that appear in random positions and move
    • Shooting-Range with multiple lanes of targets that appear in random positions and move
  • Next we designed and implemented many dozens of various animated animals
    • Huntable attacking animals often used in hunts or as part of hunting tournaments
    • Roaming peaceful animals typically used to provide atmosphere and realism to sims
  • Dancing characters (skeletons, teddy-bears, chimps, pirate, scarecrow, witch, fairies, etc) with dance-machine
  • Attached-Pet characters that follow the avatar around, walking or standing or dancing
  • In-world Google™ event calendar display and in-world Flickr™ display
  • Many many more highly-scripted products such as rock-climbing, holiday Concentration™ memory boards, flyable jets, etc.

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