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"Memory Lost-Pairs" User Manual (Game Guide):

This game helps exercise your memory.

  • It has 3 difficulty levels (Easy, Hard, Triplets)
    • Easy and Hard require finding pairs of an image
    • Triplets requires finding 3 of the same image
  • Every play is different, images are randomly generated

Your score is based on fast times

  • On Windows tt works best using a MOUSE to click squares.
  • You can also just relax and click (ignoring time)

Image THEMES and DLCs (Down Loadable Content)

  • The base game comes with Shapes and also Fruits Themes (image collections)
  • There are Down Loadable Content (DLC) packs available with additional Themes, all very inexpensive

Shapes & Fruits:

Shapes images Fruits images

Animals & Dogs+Cats:

Animals images Dogs+Cats images

Air & Ground Vehicles:

Ground Vehicle images Air Vehicle images

Native Americans & Gems:

Native Americans images Gems images

Halloween & Christmas:

Halloween images Christmas images

Summer & Winter:

Summer images Winter images

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